The work of gathering this information is only valuable if it is shared with others to add to their understanding of Madison County. Here is a list of actions being taken along with others that may be addressed in the future.

Integration into Winterset School District

We are currently working with a group of Junior High History students who are interested in creating National History Day projects that highlight the Underground Railroad in Madison County. They may contribute to research, walk the actual trails, dramatize the stories, photograph sites, etc.

Permanently Documenting
Madison County Underground Railroad Activities

All of our findings are being documented in the State of Iowa’s Biographical form for each individual involved. once completed, these will be available for reference at the Winterset Public Library and in the Madison County Historical Museum’s Resource Center. Copies of these sources from which this information was taken from will also be placed in a folder for each individual in the Museum’s Resource Center.

Presentations – Spreading the Word

Researchers have given presentations on the research process to encourage other counties to search for their own Underground Railroad stories. Speakers are also available to tell Madison County stories to local clubs and civic groups.

network-to-freedom-logoNetwork to Freedom Nomination (future)

The National Park Service reviews nominations for the “Network to Freedom” (NTF) which provides recognition to legitimate applications for Underground Railroad-related places. There are several NTF locations in Iowa which can be found here.

Summary of Underground Railroad Activities (future)

There are so many human interest stories involved that a book or booklet of the people, places, and routes might be of general interest. Plus, this site could be expanded to hold biographical summaries for online family research.

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