The following sessions were presented at the 2015 Preserve Iowa Summit in Winterset:

“A Courthouse Case Study: Rehabilitation of the Madison County Courthouse,” by Scott Allen, AIA, OPN Architects

“A Historic Tax Credit Roundtable: How to Use the Federal and State Historic Tax Credit Programs Together” presented by Angela Shearer, National Park Service and State Historic Preservation Office Staff

“And the Coats Began to Fly: Grassroots Research on the Underground Railroad in Madison County, Iowa,” presented by Doug Jones, State Historic Preservation Office; Linda Smith, Madison County Historic Preservation; and Roslea Johnson, Professor Emeritus, DMACC

“Approaches to Masonry Restoration: Bricks and Stones May Break My Bones but Bad Mortar Really Hurts,” presented by Jack Porter, Preservation Consultant and Steve Reed, contractor and stone mason

“Board and Commission Training 101: How To Be Legal, Responsible and Effective,” by Jeff Schott, University of Iowa

“Do Take it Personally: Inspiring Us to Care About Our Heritage,” by Bonnie McDonald, Landmarks Illinois (Friday Evening Keynote Address)

“Gone but Not Forgotten: Rural Cemeteries, Preservation Techniques and Historic Context Development,” presented by Dan Higginbottom, Archaeologist, State Historic Preservation Office and Dr. Jim Pottebaum, Madison County Genealogical Society

“Help! The Historical Resource Development Program Grants for Historic Preservation, Museums and Documentary Collections” presented by Kristen Vander Molen, State Historical Society of Iowa; Ralph Christian, State Historic Preservation Office; Anthony Jahn, State Archives; Leo Landis, State Historical Museum; and Jerome Thompson, State Historical Society of Iowa

“How to Use the CLG Program to Your Advantage,” presented by Paula Mohr, State Historic Preservation Office

“How to Use the CLG Program to Your Advantage,” presented by Paula Mohr, State Historic Preservation Office (sample calendar)

“Identifying Iowa: An Introduction to Survey and the Iowa Site Inventory Form” presented by Sara André, State Historic Preservation Office

“Marketing Your Cultural Assets: Tools and Tips,” by Shawna Lode, Iowa Tourism Office and Jessica Rundlett, State Historical Musem

“The Architectural Language of Iowa’s Historic Commercial Buildings,” presented by Leah Rogers, Tallgrass Historians

“The Personality of Place: Making the Most of Your Community’s Unique Character” presented by Heather Riley, Madison County Chamber of Commerce; Matt Harris, Iowa Arts Council; and Michael Wagler, Main Street Iowa

“The Secrets of Successful Communities” by Ed McMahon, Urban Land Institute, Washington D.C. (Friday Morning Keynote Address)

“The State Historic Tax Credit Program: What’s New?” presented by Alana Stamas, Iowa Department of Revenue, and Steve King, State Historic Preservation Officer

Three Minute Success Stories: Preservationists from across the state share their success stories, introduced by Steve King, Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

“Underground Railroad Reconsidered – Online Resources for Teaching and Researching the Underground Railroad” by Matt Pinsker, Professor, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

“You Can Totally Do This: The Five Phases of Preserving Your Local Historical Records,” presented by Nancy Trask, Winterset Public Library; with Ron Howell, Researcher; Roslea Johnson, Professor Emeritus, DMACC; Linda Griffith Smith, Madison County Genealogical Society

If you attended the summit and are seeking copies of session materials, please contact:

Paula Mohr
Architectural Historian
Certified Local Government Coordinator
State Historic Preservation Office
600 East Locust
Des Moines, Iowa 50319 | 515.281-6826 |

Iowa Arts Council | Produce Iowa | State Historical Society of Iowa
Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs