The names below have been identified as playing a role during the Underground Railroad era in Iowa.

Those names with links will take you to detailed information gathered on a standard biographical form, provided by the State of Iowa, Department of Cultural Affairs. The research was done by volunteers and the resources used are listed. The information is stored in PDF format and may be printed.

One or more roles have been assigned to each person as determined by researching their lives and activities. Often there is more than one role and continued research may add additional ones. Click here to see a definition of the roles.

Anderson, John

Baker, Henry

Cross, Rev. John

Donaldson, J. P.

Feltch, Isaac T.

Gibbs, George

Heald, Dr. Albert

Lowery, Rev. John

Marrow, Marquis

Read, T. H.

Smith, Rev. Ammi

Woodmansee, Thomas

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